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National Security

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  • Don't be unpatriotic.

  • Go to American Hero Camps.

  • People who talk end up outlined in chalk. We're at war.

The most sacred responsibility vested in a president - the commando in chief - is to "preserve and protect" legal American citizens, unless they're being especially unpatriotic. That's why John McTaint believes he has the necessary vision and unrivaled experience to command the United States armed forces and demand that all unpatriotic legal American citizens adapt to the stated way of thinking via American Hero camps to ensure the strength of our nation's defenses to the demands of a changing and dangerous world.

Don't be unpatriotic. Our nation is currently at war and we as Americans need to remember this at all times. This is a time when we need to respect the privacy of what our soliders are doing in Iraq to fight terrorism and watch what we say. We don't want to come off as being unpatriotic in front of other Americans. Being unpatriotic weakens the strength of America and can only make our soldiers more in the line of harm's way and ... you don't want that. Do you want to be responsible for a young person's life because you said something in earshot of others that comprised their security? You don't want that. No.

American Hero Camps. Come and experience what it feels like to be a true American hero like McTaint at American Hero Camps! These wonderful camps recreate the experience McTaint went through as he fought against another repressive communist regime in western Albania in the 1960s, and stopped the domino effect, part of the brilliant struggle to stop communism from spreading abroad.

Attendees at American Hero Camps, located in Arizona, will get the true feeling of what mcTaint dealt with on a daily basis via several methods of torture (now including waterboarding and electro shock therapy!) while being held captive for many years in western Albania.

You can better understand what it's like to become a presumptive nominee like John McTaint. If nominated, McTaint promises to create these American Hero Camps in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of the future president's favorite cities in the country.

And these camps will be a big boost to the local Scottsdale economy, which has suffered hard times in recent years due to all the liberals moving there, who have forced law-abiding citizens to form unions against their will and lowered wages. We can do better by going to American Hero Camps.

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