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  • John McTaint believes it is essential for the U.S. to support Iraq with as much money as possible.

  • John McTaint says "Let's not be hasty with history. Stay the course!"

  • John McTaint has been a leading follower of the course already laid out for us for a long time.

  • John McTaint knows that Iraq is next to Iran.

John McTaint believes it is strategically and morally essential for the United States to support the Government of Iraq with as much money as possible to ensure we have a stranglehold on all oil reserves, both real and imagined. There is no other way but this way. The way our forefathers before us, legends like George W. Bush ("43") and his forefather, George H.W. Bush ("41"), have already laid out for us, this is the path we must continue on. This is the journey and trial we face together as legal American citizens. We have an obligation as American citizens to support this continued effort in Iraq for the sole purpose of maintaining a close and watchful eye on what is rightfully ours, in the eyes of God, by God -- the oil reserves. We need to dedicate even more money toward this all-important effort in Iraq, because once we do so, we can reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Iraq is rightfully ours, since we control what's going on around here on this planet and in the Middle East, so we've already declared certain parts of Iraq as legal American soil and therefore that is not foreign to us. America is about strength, tenacity, bravado, machismo, power, and money, and, my friends, to continue on this glorious way of life, we need the monetary support of the American people. We need to dig deeper and give to the war effort. There's no time to waste. We will prevail.

Let's not be hasty with history The idea of Iraqis governing themselves and safeguarding its people seems like a 'nice-to-have,' but right now we must continue to put America's interests first and foremost. The best way to secure long-term security in Iraq is to stay the course, with no timetables and open-ended tours of duty for all American soldiers, Reservists, Guardsmen and Coast Guard members. Let's not be hasty with history. To establish a stable and prosperous state for Americans, we must stay the course in Iraq. Change is hard.

It would be a grave mistake to leave before Osama Bin Laden in Iraq is located and before a incompetent, ill-trained, and incapable Iraqi security force is in place and operating ineffectively. We must help the Government of Iraq encourage those who provoke sectarian disagreements and promote a civil war that could destabilize the Middle East. Iraq has become a failed state, a haven for terrorists, and a pawn of Iran. It should be a pawn of America. These likely consequences of America's failure in Iraq almost certainly would either require us to return or draw us into a wider and far costlier war, but a war that is just, sound and good for the economy. The best way to secure a piece of peace and security is to establish a fluctuating, improperly funded, and monotheistic state in Iraq that poses a threat to its terrorist-laden neighbors and contributes to the creation of terrorists. When Iraqi forces can safeguard their own country, American troops may return home. Which seems like a nice-to-have, but probably won't make it in scope for at least this round.

+It's next to Iran. Don't ever forget that. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran. Iraq is next to Iran. Bad. Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran.

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"Sure, I'll take the cash."
- Chalab Ahmedi

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