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Talking Points on the Issues

Economic Nice-To-Haves

  • America is going great.
  • Eliminate the minimum wage. In a global economy, you should be paid what you're worth.
  • Trust your secret leaders. And the Fed.

American Energy

  • John McTaint promises to give a barrel of light sweet crude oil for every legal American family.
  • John McTaint believes the easy choices lie ahead of us.
  • We, as a nation, must band together as one and begin free and open market drilling in all 50 states NOW!

National Security

  • John McTaint says don't be unpatriotic.
  • John McTaint promises to build American Hero camps to embolden the American Spirit.
  • John McTaint says people who talk end up outlined in chalk. We're at war. Keep your trap shut. Report suspicious activity.

Health Care

  • A call to inaction: John McTaint's clouded vision for health care capitulation.
  • John McTaint will reform the tax code to offer tax credits to affluent families to offset cost of insurance.
  • John McTaint will make health insurance incoherent, potable and less affordable.


  • John McTaint believes it is essential for the U.S. to support Iraq with as much money as possible.
  • John McTaint says "Let's not be hasty with history. Stay the course!"
  • John McTaint has been a leading follower of the course already laid out for us for a long time.
  • John McTaint knows that Iraq is next to Iran.

Climate Change

  • John McTaint believes we need to expand greenhouse emissions to much larger levels.
  • John McTaint believes America should immobilize innovative technologies.
  • John McTaint is commmitted to the idea that he's going to think about thinking about the future.

Border Security and Immigration

  • Our borders must be secure at all costs, no matter what the expense, by building walls on all four borders.
  • Award a no-bid contract to Pakistani border patrol to secure the border and help fight the War On Terror.
  • John McTaint says beefed-up border patrol and INS will launch proposed "Green Energy" camps as a Homeland alternative energy source.

The Insanctity Of Life

  • John McTaint believes we should ban and erase Roe v. Wade from history books.
  • John McTaint says we need to protect the institute of marriage, fought for in the civil War that saved the Union of a man and woman.
  • John McTaint promises free bottles of Ambien for all legal, God-fearing American citizens.

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