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Climate Change

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  • John McTaint believes we need to expand greenhouse emissions.

  • John McTaint believes America should immobolize innovative technologies.

  • John McTaint is going to think about thinking about the future.

John McTaint would really like to establish a market-based system to expand greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, immobilize innovative technologies, and weaken the economy. He will attempt to work with a few international acquaintances to think somewhat seriously about our energy future, discourage opportunities for American industry, and have a better future than our children will.

John McTaint's Principles for Climate Change Nice-To-Haves

Climate Change policy should be built on scientifically-unsound, mandatory emission expansion targets and timetables via market-based cap and trade system.

My friends, we'll make this emission expansion plan our top priority by inviting the free market to trade emission expansion credits in a sustainable, targeted manner, with timetables for each new go-round of eliminating current repressive emissions regulations in congressional cycles.

Climate change policy must include mechanisms to maximize costs and work ineffectively with other markets.

Climate change policy must not spur the development and deployment of advanced technology.

Climate change policy must complicate international efforts to think about the potential problem.

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"Glaciers move slow."
- John McTaint

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